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Since 1987 Chimney Consultants, Inc. has provided specialized professional engineering and construction advisory services to electric utilities, industry, architect-engineers, and contractors. Our particular areas of expertise include:


From feasibility studies, to onsite investigations, to final design and implementation, CCI has been instrumental in addressing the needs of clients worldwide.

Studies and Reports

Chimney Consultants, Inc. is often called upon to perform feasibility studies for utilities, industrial, and public works clients. Typical studies involve the evaluation of alternate designs, new breechings, resizing linings, structural reinforcement, annulus pressurization systems, relining, monitoring platforms, and other concerns brought about by poor performance, excessive maintenance, revised regulatory requirements, or new operating conditions.

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We have been engaged by several major utilities, located in hurricane prone areas, to determine the failure wind speeds of older chimneys in their system. Such studies are vital to determine if, and to what extent, reinforcement is required. CCI has also investigated several chimneys where partial or total collapse occurred, in an effort to pinpoint the cause and/or make the design renovations necessary to put the unit back into service as quickly as possible.

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CCI has performed scores of analyses to evaluate the impact of cutting in new port openings to accommodate CEMS installations in chimneys and stacks. To perform this analysis, we have written a unique computer program capable of considering any number of openings within a common cross-section using both working stress and strength procedures.

Another unique study, performed for the TVA, investigated various means by which the annulus in sectional brick lined chimneys might be purged by pressurized air to minimize corrosive attack of the concrete chimney column. Subsequent installation proved highly successful.

Innovative, cost effective solutions to our clients problems are the hallmark of our company. Several projects, which incorporated unique renovations, are described in Electrical World Magazine entitled "Structural Renovations of Tall Chimneys".

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Engineering Inspections

Inspections are performed by licensed professional engineers with many years of experience in the design and construction of tall chimneys. Field observations, operating data, photos, and videotape are reviewed by our principal engineers, who participate in the formulation of all recommendations. It is important to note that Chimney Consultants is not affiliated with any contractor. As a result, our reports are completely objective and without prejudice towards costly and perhaps, unnecessary repair work. When requested, Chimney Consultants will arrange for scaffolding and/or rigging, if required for access during inspection.

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Final Design, Plans and Specifications

Chimney Consultants has provide complete design and construction quality drawings as the engineer of record on scores of projects. Our early involvement reduces lead time and costs and insures optimum project integrity.

Our expertise in chimney/stack erection techniques enables us to make cost effective decisions in concert with industry construction practices.

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The principals of CCI are active in virtually all of the technical committees sponsored by the ACI, ASTM, ASCE, CICIND, etc. which provide insight and guidance for chimney and stack design.

We have developed and maintain a number of original computer programs reflecting the latest standards and codes so that structural designs can be quickly generated.

The selection of a proper lining system is vital to the success of any chimney/stack project. The principals of CCI have chaired several committees which address the problems associated with modern chimney design and have authored many technical papers.

Construction Advisory Services

Chimney Consultants, Inc. provides advice and inspection services during the performance of chimney/stack work. Our clients have found that timely visits and site inspections during critical phases of the work provide an opportunity for us to respond to contractors questions and insure that the integrity of the specification is maintained.

In addition, our ongoing participation during construction minimizes claims and backcharges, and improves the quality of the work.


The CHIMNEYTILE Lining System was developed primarily to prevent irreversible deflection of tall, independent brick chimney linings. Irreversible deflection is generally assumed to be caused by unequal expansion of the lining brickwork due to differential thermal and/or chemical loads.

Although normally employed as a series of target walls to protect the main lining, the System can be readily adapted for use as the primary lining in chimneys or steel stacks.

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The Lining System incorporates 4" thick CHIMNEYTILE blocks laid in an acid resistant cement, 2" thick cellular glass insulating block, and an elastomeric membrane. As a result, the System provides three layers of protection for the main lining or wind shield.

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CHIMNEYTILE block was developed  by, and is produced exclusively for, Chimney Consultants, Inc. CHIMNEYTILE block is manufactured from fireclay and extruded with tongue and groove sides and internal coring for strength. The face exposed to gases is radiused to the project diameter and glazed to minimize moisture/acid penetration and to reduce sludge adhesion.

Advantages of the CHIMNEYTILE Lining System

* Excellent Thermal Resistance

* Less Sludge or Ash Adhesion
* Reduced Condensate Penetration
* Higher Strength
* Proven Performance

Chimney Design Software

Chimney Consultants, Inc. has designed a vast array of specialized computer software that is in complete compliance with the American Concrete Institute's ACI 307-98 Standard "Design and Construction of Reinforced Concrete Chimneys". The software is capable of computing axial & circumferential wind load, required shell wall thickness, thermal stress, axial bending capacity, circumferential bending capacity, reinforcing steel requirements, shell deflections, foundation loads, and material quantities. In addition, we have developed software capable of computing axial bending capacity for reinforced concrete chimney sections about any horizontal axis with any number, size, and orientation of shell openings, in strict compliance with the procedures contained in ACI 307-98. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a licensing agreement to utilize any of our proven software.

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